Also known as scissor lift tables, lift or lifting platforms or scissor jacks.

The purpose built manufacturing facility is entirely dedicated to the manufacture of lift tables.  Power-Lifts offer an extensive range of over 200 pre-designed, well tried and tested standard units ready for quick despatch across the Globe.  The factory's in-house drawing office has over 30 years of experience in designing state of the art elevating platforms, custom produced to meet the customer's exact requirements.  Tailor made or bespoke built platform lifts represent about half of our business.

Most of the Powerlift output is centred around electro-hydraulic platform lifts, as an alternative or in addition we can supply hand or foot operated hydraulic pump units.  When a manually operated pump unit is provided in addition to the electrically powered pump it will normally be fitted in parallel using the same reservoir.  This enables either emergency use, use in the event of a power failure or when sensitive, accurate positioning is a requirement, for instance in die and mould handling or when replacing large underslung motors or gear drives in trains.

Not all actuators are hydraulic, we can supply pneumatic air bag operated lifts, trapezoidal screw actuation, telescopic rigid chain and even belt driven. Each method has its unique set of advantages and sometimes will be governed by location, environment, speed and frequency of operation.  

Lift tables can be described as suitable for lifting heavy loads through relatively short distances.  The distance (stroke / travel) a platform lift will rise through is, of course, directly related to the length of the platform and the quantity of armsets under it.  For instance a 2,500mm long single scissor will rise approx. 1,600mm..  If this is built as a double vertical lift with two armsets, one above the other, then there could be about 3,100mm of rise / stroke / travel.

Scissor lifts are supplied into many different environments.  In explosive atmospheres they will need to be ATEX rated and may need Notified Body approval.  They can be built of stainless steel in differing grades eg 304 or 316L.  Power-Lifts also offer hot galvanising ( hot dip galvanized), special paint finishes and zinc flame spray specialist surface protection coatings.  A cost effective way of getting corrosion resistant lifts is to have the exposed parts fabricated from stainless steel and have the lesser exposed parts hot galvanised. Other forms of protection can include pvc coated bellows guards, roller blinds and steel wire mesh curtains.  Ingress protection, also called IP rating, also needs to be assessed according to the area of use, for Power-Lift IP54 is our baseline standard, as is BS EN 1570 - The Safety Requirements for Lifting Tables.

Platform lifts are usually some form of access platform, they assist with ergonomic handling and lifting, work positioning.  They can raise the work to the operator or raise the operator to the work. By assessing and addressing the risks and health implications of bending, lifting and stretching the employer and just as importantly the employee can help prevent the long term damage caused by MSD (musculoskeletal disorders).  You may like to refer to the UK governments HSE website or the US NIOSH publication Ref:   Applications Manual for the revised NIOSH Lifting Equation.

The scissor lift can be designed to do more than just index, raise and lower to effect a good working height.  It can with the right attachments, accessories tilt, rotate, convey or turn loads.  When correctly designed and installed the lift table can be the basis of a very efficient work station / work positioner. By using a simple 'deadman' or 'hold to run' push button control station an operative can continually adjust the object he is working on to his personal best advantage so that it is presented to him in a way that gives maximum efficiency, through put and safety.  This is a case of the right manual handling equipment will provide the right materials handling solution.

Effective mechanical materials handling solutions can only be provided when correctly specified.  The following points as a minimum need to be considered with electro hydraulic scissor lift tables.  The nature of the operation. The frequency of the operation and the length of time of the operation.  The load and how it is carried by the lift platform; for instance is it evenly distributed on the platform or is it eccentrically loaded.  It is important that dynamic (moving) and concentrated / point loads are identified.  Most working environments are now reasonably clean and dust free, but the effects of dust, swarf, and hot materials amongst others on production line lifts as well as in other areas of plant automation needs to be considered. 

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