Vehicle loading and Dock lifts. Compatible with pallets, roll cages, pallet trucks, man riders and fork lift trucks.

Production line - In feed and Out feed, stacking and de-stacking, ergonomic, repetitive product positioning. Automatic, semi-automatic or 'hold to run'.

Load transfer - palletising goods, powered roller track, chain transfer units and ball top units.

Fixed or variable height adjustment. Floor to floor, layer to layer, sheet material handling.

Bespoke manufacture, replace existing units, heavy duty, high frequency.

Stainless steel, galvanised carbon steel, zinc coated, ATEX, Off-shore, Nuclear and Aero-space.

Whatever you want or need, so long as it is legal and fit for the purpose intended. Power-Lifts will work hard to supply you with the scissor lift table you require.


Power-Lifts Scissor lift tables / Lifting platforms are designed to carry dynamic and off centre loads within the BS EN 1570 description of half of the load on half of the platform length, 1/3 of the load on half of the platform width.

Platforms made with square not radius edges for greater strength, better load support and machinery mounting. Platforms can be smooth or slip resisting tear pattern plate.

Heavy duty, quality arm roller bearings. Crown head, yoke type, track roller bearings with a twin ball and cage, lithium greased and sealed for life. Chromed for heavy duty or stainless steel axle and cylinder pins as options.

Integral (within baseframe) or remote power packs. IP54 as standard. 3 phase, single phase or low voltage DC and manual pumps available. Hold to run emergency lowering.

Standard single scissor lift tables offer a stroke (change in height) equal up to 60% of the platform length. A 3,000mm long lift table will typically give 1,800mm of stroke / travel.

Double vertical scissor lifts ( one arm set over another) will offer a stroke (change in height) equal up to 120% of the platform length. A 2,500mm long lifting platform will typically give 3,000mm of stroke / travel.

Double horizontal scissor lifts / tandem lifts ( one arm in line with another) will offer a stroke (change in height) equal up to 30% of the platform length. A 2,500mm long lifting platform will typically give 800mm of stroke / travel.

The construction, hydraulic and electrical systems conform to the requirements of European standards. Typically these include safety gaps and clearances between fixed and moving parts, moving and moving parts, hose break rupture valves, mechanically actuated safety trip device, manually operated blocking devices, overload detection and protection. Most of Power-Lifts scissor lift tables are supplied with an individual Load Test Certificate as well as the applicable Certificate of Conformity or Certificate of Incorporation.


Power-Lifts offers a wide range of extra features that helps specifiers customise their scissor lifting platforms to meet their specific needs.

Power packs can be uprated to provide faster lifting speeds, run continuously to prevent overheating, have oil tank heaters or coolers, be located remote from the lift location to be safe, dry, non-flammable zone or just for easier maintenance. Hand operated pump units can be attached to electro-hydraulic power packs for emergency use or when accurate positioning or fine adjustment is a requirement. Power packs can be supplied as 12 volts DC, 24 volts DC, 230, 380 - 460 volts, 50 - 60-Hz., or even with pneumatic motors. ATEX rated units are available.

Stainless steel and double acting cylinders are available.

Electrical enhancements include secondary control stations, foot operated control stations, key controlled stations. Height limit switches, encoders, constant levelling, shot bolt parking systems can also be included.

Surface finishes include 2 component resin coatings, zinc rich primers, hammer finishes, galvanising. Most lift units can also be supplied in 304 or 316 stainless steel which is glass bead blasted to give a high quality finish.

Most lift platforms are manufactured from smooth steel. Slip resisting, tear pattern deck plates are also available. In some cases an open frame top section can be offered. Other platform enhancements include access hatches for maintenance, hand and barrier rails - open or sheet material covered. Auto-rising wheel stops, electro-mechanically locked and interlocked gates, bi-parting gates, goal post style barriers, hydraulic or manual bridge plates / loading flaps, turn tables and lifting eye bolts. Ingress to the undersides of the lifting platforms can be restricted by flexible, galvanised or stainless steel mesh curtains, pvc bellows guards, roller blinds or rigid steel panels.

Bearing improvements can include grease points, double roller bearings. Also stainless steel or chromed axle and cylinder pins for heavy duty use.

The baseframes of Power-Lifts scissor lift tables can be strengthened to include pallet style bases, steel, urethane or nylon castors. Powered drive axles can also be incorporated. Special baseframes can be manufactured for lifts in hostile areas. Eg. Foundries, food processing facilities, wash down areas and unsound surfaces.

Over 25,000 lift units supplied across the World in the last 30 years.

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