Where quick, easy to position and use, low cost or even temporary access for those with impaired mobility is required then the DaxLift from Power-Lifts may be for you.  The DaxLift sits on the floor and can be used indoors or temporarily outside.

The DaxLift disabled access lift can be used with changes in height of up to 830mm. / 32 inches.

When security and safety is a consideration the DaxLift can be easily positioned or removed by 1 person.  It is simply wheeled away!  DaxLifts typically weigh between 55Kgs. and 80Kgs.  This makes the DaxLift ideal when only temporary access is required.

The lifting platform is operated by means of a low voltage pendant style control station stored on the side barrier rail.

A manual ramp (or optionally an electrically adjustable ramp) provides easy access to the lifting platform. The electric ramp automatically raises and lowers when the control station is operated. When in the raised position the ramp acts as a barrier to prevent a wheelchair from rolling off. For increased safety the lift movement is interlocked with the ramp's position.

A concertina bellows guard can be fitted to the undersides of the platform to restrict ingress of children, animals and foreign objects. The addition of a goal post style barrier serves as protection at the upper level.  The long sides are fitted with a 400mm. high barrier rail.

By means of adjustable upper height limit switches, the DaxLift can easily be set to the requested lifting height.

The lifting platform and the access ramps are covered with a slip-resisting coating.

We reserve the right to alter the description and specifications without notice.  Errors and omissions are excluded.  This document is not part of any contract and is not to be relied upon.  It is up to the purchasers and users to ensure this equipment is positioned, commissioned, installed and used safely.  The manufacturer intended this lift to be used by persons in wheelchairs without visual impairment and after instruction in safe use. Child use must be under the supervision of a responsible adult. As the equipment is repositionable there must be continuous assessment of the risks and hazards associated with its use. For instance, crush, trap, shear, roll-off and barriers of variable height amongst others. Any surface adjacent to the lift must be smooth, vertical, continuous and durable, without indents and overhangs. The lift should not be left connected to the electrical supply when unsupervised in areas to which the public and especially children could have access.

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