Industrial Lifting Platforms


Powerlift’s Hydraulic Lift Tables Benefit Long-Term Health

Lifting platforms, which are also known as scissor lift tables are the perfect ergonomic solution to reducing the risks associated with manual handling jobs. International lift table manufacturer Powerlift has a wide variety of products to help maintain health and safety in the workplace.

Medical research has proven that continuous manual handling of objects gradually increase the risk of long term health issues including repetitive strain disorder, back pain and even bad cases of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

Power-Lift’s hydraulic table lifts will provide the manufacturing industry with a number of benefits including the reduction of MSDs; helping to increase efficiency in manual and material handling, improving the flow rate of the production process and generally better working conditions for employees.

The increased demand of Power-lift products including stainless steel lift tables is thanks to latest update of the Ergonomics legislation, which states that ‘where possible, you should provide mechanical assistance’ in the workplace; manual lifting of heavy objects is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Items such as the scissor lift tables can not only alter the height of the table to suit the worker, but can also vary the angle at which the employee works. The low closed lifts available from Powerlift make working more efficient as well as safer and do not need a pit.

In addition to the variety already available on the website, Power-lift have many hundreds of lift table plans that can be amended to provide a custom built unit to a customer’s exact needs.

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