Industrial Lifting Platforms


Simple & easy to fit, these hardwearing, reusable clips instantly create a strong securing point or eyelet on any type of tarpaulin, canvas & synthetic material wherever you want in seconds – no tools required, no damage to the material.

  • Simple, fast and effective
  • The heavier the load the tighter the grip
  • Can be used over and over again
  • Can easily be repositioned in seconds
  • Made from reinforced nylon - lightweight, compact, strong and durable
  • Grips any hemmed or non-hemmed fabric up to 5mm thick firmly and instantly
  • Tested to support over 100kg
  • Quick release mechanism


YACHTSMEN AND SAILORS - handy to keep on board...

  • Reinforce/repair awnings
  • Temporary repairs to ripped clews, tacks etc.
  • Replace broken eyelets
  • Make temporary/permanent cockpit covers
  • Customise winter covers/tarps
  • Construct spray dodgers and lee cloths
  • An essential grab-bag item
  • Lee cloths and awnings etc. can be folded completely flat without bulky eyes

CAMPERS - groundsheets, tarpaulins, covers

  • Secure matting and ground sheets
  • Extra guy points
  • Replace broken eyelets
  • Add internal hanging points
  • Customise bivi and tarp covers
  • Reinforce awnings
  • Make emergency shelters

MARKET TRADERS - ideal for holding down tarpaulin covers

  • Moveable, reusable instant eyelet
  • Reinforce sidewalls, awnings, and stallcovers
  • Create rain covers and shelters
  • Create customisable canopies
  • Tidy up and secure table covers
  • Great for hanging displays
  • Simply replace broken eyelets
  • Create strong securing point for any material - up to 5mm thick

SMALL HOLDINGS - ensure your crops remain rooted!

  • Create and customise crop covers
  • Create customisable pig archs
  • Customise, repair, and secure livestock housing
  • Create, repair and secure polytunnels
  • Customise and secure flysheets
  • Create strong securing point on any type of material
  • Simply replace any eyelet
  • Tested to a capacity of 100kg


Camping - Quickly rig a canopy from any tarpaulin, or add extra guy lines where needed
Boating - Replace broken or torn eyelets, or rig a customized cover
Banners - Hang banners without eyelets or hems in minutes
Building - Skip covers, securing scaffolding tarps
Small Holdings - UV stabilized clingons can be used outdoors for netting or polytunnels
Market Traders - Reinforce sidewalls, awnings, and stall covers
Yachtsmen - keep some handy on board


When Ordering Please state how many you require.

Large Clingons in black and white at £1.25 each

Dimensions: L70xW40xH18.5mm
Weight: 20.0 gram
Material specification: Produced in Sweden from glass fibre reinforced nylon 6.
Clingon in white contains UV stabilizers, black Clingons protected by pigment additive causing UV blocking.
Temperature range: -30°C to 100°C
melting temperature at 220°C
Median loading capacity*: 100 kilograms
Max. fabric thickness: 6 mm

Please add £2.50 for postage regardless of how many purchased.

Please Note: All prices include VAT