Stainless Steel Lift Tables

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A specially built 1,200Kg capacity lift table with powered roller track.
It is made for the food industry from EN 1.4301 stainless steel (normal stainless steel 18/8).


An E12-125YSS special built lift table made from EN 1.4301 stainless steel with specially painted cylinders and chrome plated stainless steel rods. The lift control is by foot switch.

General guide/information for stainless steel and galvanised tables

Cylinder Type

1. Complete stainless steel EN 1.44301 or EN 1.4401.

2. Standard cylinder tubes coated with corrosion resisting primer and spray coated with a 2 component acrylic resin paint finish, colour RAL 7032 grey. Piston rod of chrome plated stainless steel.


1. Completely from EN 1.4301 or EN 1.4401 stainless steel.

2. Combination of Stainless platform and bottom frame with hot dipped galvanised armset.
3. Hot dipped galvanised.


All axles and cylinder bolts of stainless steel and bearing bushes with grease points.

Power Pack

We recommend placing the power pack and control panel in a remote location or covering with a stainless steel hood.

Click here to view our gallery of stainless steel lift tables