Hovmand Mini Lifts

Case Studies - Reel Handling - Long Reels


Many textile factories - among others - carry large stocks of fabric reels. The various designs are often placed in stacks of up to 3 meters in pallet containers. Quite often you only need to fetch a single reel at a time or maybe only a small piece of fabric from a reel. Normally it takes a truck for this task lowering the pallet container and only then can the reel in question be loaded onto the trolley.


Our solution is a Hovmand minilift lifting up to 3 meters equipped with a spear of one meter. The minilift, which can be operated by anybody using fabric reels, are moved to the stack of reels. The spear is placed in the centre hole of the wanted reel. The reel is lifted and pulled out of the pallet container. If you need the entire reel, you transport it to the cutting table. If you only need a small piece, you cut of this piece and put the reel back using the minilift.