Hovmand Mini Lifts

Case Studies - Plastic Boxes in the Production


Many industrial enterprises use plastic boxes as storage and transport units for components. During the various processes the boxes are taken from and again placed on passage shelves. Previously the boxes were lifted out of the passage shelves and carried manually or placed on 4-wheel carts to where they were used. The same process took place when they were going back to the passage shelves.


Our solution was a minilift with lifting forks seizing the sides of the boxes. In this way the operator can move the minilifts directly into the plastic box with the forks and lift the boxes, pull them out of the shelves and take them to the process destination. Depending on the design of the respective working place the plastic box remains on the forks and the components are taken directly out of the boxes or the box is dropped or emptied. In order to use the forks for taking the boxes both in and out of the shelves, the forks are hinged and point approximately 5 degrees downwards.