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Self propelled stacker trucks



The all new 1500kg capacity range of Self Propelled Stackers is now available. Heavy duty construction, high quality components and high quality manufacturing to EN1726:1 ensures this is a rugged workhorse.
Drive is controlled by a stepless "Curtis" controller and power is delivered from 240Ah Traction Battery. Free standing charger included.
Two models available from stock with either 2.9m or 3.3m Duplex masts. Other models on 10 /12 weeks.

Model FE1529 FE1533
Capacity 1500Kg 1500Kg
Lift Height 2850mm 3300mm
Load Centre 600mm 600mm
Lowered Height 2000mm 2225mm
Raised Height 3496mm 3946mm
Overall Length 1927mm 1927mm
Overall Width 1080mm 1080mm
Forks Lowered 90mm 90mm
Fork Spread 540mm 540mm



Two new Self Propelled Straddle Stackers are also now available.
The new Self Propelled Straddle Stacker is now available. Whereas the FE range is fine for Europallets the FW range will work with the UK "Full Perimeter Board" / traditional "CHEP" pallet.
The FW range has a wide straddle which has an opening range of between 965mm to 1270mm. They also come with adjustable forged forks.
Drive is controlled by a stepless "Curtis" controller and power os delivered from 240Ah traction battery. Free standing charger included.
One model is available from stock with 3.3m Duplex mast. Other models on 10/12 weeks. Details on request.

Model FW1529 FW1533
Capacity 1500Kg 1500Kg
Lift Height 2900mm 3300mm
Load Centre 600mm 600mm
Lowered Height 2101mm 2301mm
Raised Height 3760mm 4160mm
Overall Length 1794mm 1794mm
Overall Width 1197mm - 1502mm 1197mm - 1502mm
Forks Length 1150mm 1000mm
Fork Spread 230mm - 790mm 230mm - 790mm

The 1500kg FK has an impressive lift height of 4500mm. Drive is controlled by a powerful drive wheel and power unit with a top quality electronic control system. Further details on request.

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