Custom Made Scissor Lift Tables, Platform Lifts


Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables from Power Lift Ltd

Leading supplier of industrial power lifts; Power Lift ltd offer an outstanding range of horizontal and vertical hydraulic scissor lifts for use in both industrial and retail warehouses.

Hydraulic scissor lifts are the perfect substitute for manpower when lifting certain weights or to specific heights can become a health and safety issue.

Power-Lift ltd have over forty standard horizontal scissor lift models available to purchase, which can take up to thirty tonnes of payload. The mechanically synchronised lift is suitable for long loads and is an essential ergonomically effective solution for work places handling heavy loads.

Another option is the popular vertical double scissor lift model; suitable for packing warehouses and industrial warehouses which require lifting to specific heights. There is a choice of over forty standard models which can lift up to a forty tonne weight. Some models can also be modified with a raised base platform in order to be easily transported around the warehouse via forklift.

If any of the hydraulic scissor lifts tables do not meet your specific industrial requirements; Power Lifts Ltd also provides a range of bespoke scissor lifts. Available at the moment are a hydraulic lift system with a tilting platform for working at difficult angles, there are also a number of optional features including; a platform mounted handrail, gravity powered roller tracks and manually operated loading flaps.

Each hydraulic lift table is fully protected with hard wearing two component acrylic resin surface coating. Tables come with a comprehensive owner manual and special certificates are available upon request.

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