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Easy to clean lift tables for Food and Pharmaceutical industries

Power-Lifts supply bespoke lifting solutions and specialise in manufacturing electro-hydraulic lifting platforms. The Nottingham company has recently developed a range of custom built lift tables, specifically designed for use within the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The demands placed on equipment used within a food and premium chemical production environment can be unusually high due to the need for absolute cleanliness and hygiene. The use of jet washers is common place and any equipment that is to be cleaned with such a device has to be able to withstand the high pressures and strong cleaning fluids that are used. Power-Lift developed the easy to clean lift table from concept through to manufacture specifically to withstand the daily rigours of being used within such a challenging environment while still providing years of reliable service.

Fabricated from stainless steel or hot dip galvanised steel, or even a cost saving combination of both, a scissors lift table provides a robust, adjustable working platform, reducing the need for unnecessary bending and manual lifting. With back injuries being a major source of sick days within the workplace, the lift table helps to improve working conditions and reduces the amount of production time lost through employee illness.

A further consideration that was taken into account with the design of the table lift was the fact that the lift table’s base frame is raised from the floor. The benefit to this design feature is that there is a reduced chance of food matter or other contaminated material collecting and compacting in difficult to clean places. This helps to keep the working environment and lift table itself as hygienic as possible.

Nigel Roberts, managing director of Power-Lift said, “The variety of applications and industries that make use of the scissor lift tables and pallet lifts is endless. We’re continually developing our extensive range as customers approach us with new problems from all industries and environments: for instance off-shore and nuclear. We design in features to make our corrosion resistant products robust enough to withstand a hostile environment and remain a reliable aid to lifting and handling. We are seeing more firms from all industry sectors relying on scissor lift tables to prevent and reduce MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders) where previously, they may have had to use less satisfactory tools or work to smaller production targets.”

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