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PowerLift joins the Navy!

Specialist scissor lift table manufacturer Power-Lift created a valuable resource for a European Navy when it designed and produced a Torpedo Launching test rig.

It’s been bombs away for the Navy since PowerLift were consulted to help find a solution that would assist in testing its torpedoes. PowerLift was approached because of its proven ability to design bespoke, highly engineered equipment. In this case they came to the rescue with a one off unit that was designed specifically to support the torpedo and adjust the launch angle.

The end result is impressive; ingeniously engineered, the piece was created as a torpedo-launching rig based on a scissor lift table that included a hydraulically operated titling platform.

An intricate design allowed the unit not just to provide support to the torpedo, but also to assist the controller to adjust the angle of the trajectory prior to firing. An incredible contribution, the custom-built Torpedo Launcher demonstrates that there is no job too big (or small) for PowerLift to handle.

Nigel Roberts, managing director or Power-Lifts said, “The Torpedo Launcher is just an example of how a scissor lift can be put to use in almost any situation. New applications are constantly being developed to put the standard principles to different uses and as usual, this incarnation of the table scissor lift weaves science, design, architecture and engineering workmanship.”

With its team of designers, engineers, scientists behind the scene, PowerLift have become an invaluable resource to a major sector of industry. Exciting news for the company, the prospects for similar-sized projects in the future is looking promising.

With years of experience in the complex design of structures for conveyor systems and solutions for vehicle loading, pallet handling and disabled access, Power-Lift has cemented its reputation as an essential component of industry an invaluable resource.

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