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Scissor Lift Specialist Power-Lift Facilitating Workplace Safety

Nottingham based firm Power-Lift, specialists in the design and manufacture of scissor lifts and table lifts, is starting the New Year with an added string to its bow- that of health and safety facilitator.

Having custom designed and built highly specialised lift tables, scissor lift and disabled access systems for most industrial sectors throughout its over 20 year’s tenure, the firm’s engineered products are also contributing to a significantly safer working environment at factories and warehouses working with conveyor systems, vehicle loading systems and pallet handling.

Nigel Roberts, director at Power-Lift, said, “Our specialist lifts can be used to reduce the stresses and strains put on the human body when it is required to handle heavy loads with unsuitable equipment. Very often, warehouses and factories will use a single tool for handling heavy loads where a number of tools may serve better in the long run. Power-Lift pallet handling scissor lifts and lift tables are designed to handle various capacities so can be put to use when safer goods handling is required.”

Preventing workplace back injuries is a major health and safety challenge but the four tonne capacity double horizontal scissor lift literally rises to the test. It can be put to work in a number of different situations but, is an invaluable asset in factories and warehouses where the steel platform raises the load to an ergonomically correct height for onwards handling, reducing muscle strains and ligament damage.

Featuring up to one-tonne capacity is the galvanized double vertical scissor lift, also available in stainless steel, is super for utilizing as a workhorse in a food packing hall. The base of the frame can be raised to allow for relocation by fork truck and can hold dozens of cartons or boxes of product at the optimal height for employee access. Removing the need to stoop to pick up heavy loads, the scissor lift simply raises the load to the optimal height. This is known to reduce back injuries often caused by improper lifting techniques as no bending or low lifting is required. The same design can also be used for product line stacking, making it a versatile addition to the workplace.

It is essential that the load is presented accurately to an operator to help reduce accidents and injuries that are often caused by bending, stretching and lifting. Many loads are just too big for an operator to move. An engineered lift from Power Lifts will resolve the problem when transporting heavy loads from the loading bay.

As with all mechanical devices, power lifts must be given regular health checks.

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