Hovmand Mini Lifts

Ergolift - Forks

Hovmand lifting forks are frequently used when lifting plastic boxes and pallets.

Hovmand often customises the lifting forks for our customers to obtain a solution that fits the boxes or pallets you want to lift.

ou can lift boxes and pallets from pallets, shelves etc. without having to pull or push. The forks goes under the pallet or are placed in the tracks of the boxes. In this way you can lifting pallets off the floor or stack plastic boxes higher or on shelves.

ithout the lifting forks this would not be possible.

The lifting forks are delivered

  • in different length and width
  • in designs suitable for the subject
  • with steering or locking studs ensuring that boxes are lifted in a safe way
  • controlable and replaceable
  • with rectangular, round or square shaped forks