Hovmand Mini Lifts

Ergolift Model E130/E130R (stainless steel)

The Hovmand Ergolifts ease repetitive tasks and protect you from MSDs. The extensive Hovmand range solves all kinds of tasks when it comes to lifting and handling of boxes, reels, containers and more. Please check out our Catalogue of Ideas for more information.

The Hovmand range of lifting and positioning equipment is supplied with many control and safety functions and is available in either aluminium or stainless steel.


E130 is available in aluminium or stainless steel (E130R) and due to careful design Hovmand lifts have low self weight. The lifting device is made of stainless steel which makes the minilift quite powerful.


E130 is controlled on the movable push button key pad and is equipped with ergonomical handles.

Soft start

As standard E130 is delivered with soft start of stop. This makes the lifting and lower quite smooth and it is easy to adjust the desired height. E130 is available with two lifting speeds.

Control System

These functions are controlled by a PLC built into a steering box with the charger and batteries.


The electric motor which lifts and lowers, is supplied from rechargeable batteries. The batteries and the built-in charges have a high capacity and long working time. The lift is delivered with a battery indicator and is easily charged from a 230V socket.


A 3-step central brake system makes it possible to steer and/or lock the rear wheels on all kinds of surfaces.

Safety Clutch

Jam danger is minimized by safety clutch.


E130 is CE-marked. It comes with an automatic overload switch engaging the clutch by overload. All movable and electric parts are shielded. The charger is double insulated and waterproof (IP65).


E130 does not require daily maintenance and is easy to clean.

Standard Range

E130 is available in 3 standard heights lifting up to 1900 mm. All E130 models have a lifting capacity of 130 kg.

Lifting Equipment

Various lifting equipment and tools are available for all 3 models and thanks to the modular system they can be customized to all kinds of tasks.