Hovmand Mini Lifts

Case Studies - Reel Handling - Simple Solutions

The Hovmand minilift is perfect for handling of reels for packing machines. There are different solutions depending on the weight and size of the reel and also from where the reel is taken and where it is going.

There are a number of manual solutions – please see below. If you are seeking a more sophisticated way of handling the reels where one or more of the functions are electrical, please have a look at our electrical solutions.

The manual solutions are as follows:


The reel is placed – tipped – onto the V-block. The shape of the V-block keeps the reel in place. The V-block turns and can be used for both fixed shafts and through-going shafts.


Works as a spear placed in the hole of the reel. The reel can thus be lifted and transported to the mounting place.

Double Boom

The boom is also available as double boom lifting the reel underneath lengthwise. In this way the centre hole is free and the reel can be fitted directly on the packing machine.

Reel Manipulator

Lifts and rotates the reel. The expanding boom is placed in the hole of the reel and fastened. When the reel is lifted, it is tipped and can be fitted directly on the packing machine.