Hovmand Mini Lifts

Case Studies - Reel Handling - Electrical Solution

The Hovmand minilift is perfect for handling of reels for packing machines. Choose between different solutions depending on size and weight of the reel, where from the reel should be shifted and where to it should be delivered. You can also choose between manual and full electrical solutions.

As for electrical solutions there are two basic principles where the reel is gripped in the core or on the outer side. When wanting to grip the core, a reel manipulator is used and when gripping the outer side of the reel a squeezing-turning unit is used.

Reel Manipulator
The reel manipulator lifts and rotates the reel. The expanding boom is placed in the reel hole and fastened. When the reel is lifted, it is tipped and can thus be fitted directly onto the packing machine. The reel manipulator is available in manual and electrical versions.

The reel manipulator is the most frequently used equipment for handling reels. As opposed to the clamping-turning unit its great advantage is the fact that it does not take a lot of space around the reel when the boom is placed in the centre core. The reel manipulator is, however, not suitable for reels mounted with a through-going shaft. For such purposes the clamping-turning unit is the best solution.

Clamping-Turning Unit
The clamping-turning unit is able to lift and rotate the reel. The clamping-turning unit holds the reel on the outer side and is often used where the reel is to be fitted with a through-going shaft before it is placed on the packing machine.

We deliver equipment for reel handling up to 200 kg.