Hovmand Mini Lifts

Case Studies - Production - Handling of Tools and Machinery

During manufacturing processes and by changeover of machines, tools and machinery are dismounted and moved. This operation often takes place during conditions cramped for space and the parts are often quite heavy and hard to handle.

The Hovmand minilift can be fitted with a number of equipment suitable to facilitate the above issues:

• Gripper unit
With a gripper unit an entire shaft with reels can be removed from the machine

• Mandrel with chains
The mandrel is placed above the tools and the chains are fitted. The tools can thus be lifted and removed.

• Gripper for steel strip
The reel with steel strip can be lifted and turned before placing it on the machine

• Forks with hooks
For lifting filter liners from a machine in the process industry

• Telescope lift
For lifting the highly placed machinery in place