Hovmand Mini Lifts

Case Studies - Plastic Boxes Up and Down Stacking

Today plastic boxes are frequently used for delivery of goods. Plastic boxes are usually stacked and placed on a pallet or a small sack barrow. The boxes with goods are delivered directly from the manufacturer or the warehouse to the shop.

Plastic boxes have numerous advantages. Plastic boxes are easy to lift with a fork seizing e.g. the edge of the box. With a Hovmand minilift you can carry out almost any kind of lifts advantageously:

• Stacking of boxes - avoid lifting them yourself
• Down stacking of boxes – avoid lifting and stack two boxes at a time
• Emptying boxes – placing the box in the right height when emptied
• Transporting several boxes in one go – instead of carrying just one

When using these obvious advantages, you will have a more efficient working day and not least - you will spare your health!