Hovmand Mini Lifts

Case Studies - Plastic Boxes – clamp, tip and empty

Plastic boxes are used for many different tasks and purposes. Plastic boxes are often used for storage of various kinds of material, ingredients, raw material etc.
When the boxes are moved around between the different stages of production, they sometimes have to be emptied.

The Hovmand minilift is quite suitable for this task fitted with the proper equipment for lifting, securing and tipping the plastic boxes. The operator can carry out the task without having to hold and balance the box when emptying the box.

Sometimes a plastic box has to be emptied from an elevated position. If you do not have minilift, the operator has to do this by hand standing on a ladder.
Some plastic boxes are better suited for this task than others, but almost all plastic boxes are maintainable and can be tipped and tilted in a quick and simple way.