Hovmand Mini Lifts

Case Studies - Containers, Pots, Tubs etc

It is often a difficult task when having to lift, move and empty containers, pots, tubs or drums etc. The subjects are hard to handle and hold on to and furthermore they might be filled with hot water or even health hazardous substances.

A Hovmand minilift can easily solve such tasks with a clamping unit gripping and maintaining the subject. The clamping unit can be combined with a turning or tipping unit so you can rotate and empty the container in a safe way.

A wide standard programme of clamping units is available at Hovmand. Combined with turning and tipping units, almost all kinds of containers etc. (up to 200 kg) can be lifted and emptied. The grippers are made in such a way that both small and large subjects are manageable. The grippers do not harm the subject and handle both aluminium containers, steel pots, plastic tubs and cardboard drums.

Should our standard components not be able to solve your problem, we will make adjustments so even very unique containers etc. can be clamped, turned and tipped.