Hovmand Mini Lifts

Case Studies - Drum Handling - Cardboard

Cardboard drums can be hard to handle. Usually they do not have a ruff or a ring you can seize and when clamped the cardboard often gives in. A cardboard drum is especially fragile when the lid is dismounted.

With a Hovmand minilift this kind of task can be carried out easily and painlessly. A clamping unit is fitted on the minilift gripping and handling the subject.
To secure a good grip the grippers are equipped with rubber and for cardboard drums we always recommend buckled platform grippers making sure that the pressure is put evenly avoiding that the drum is destroyed when lifting.

The clamping unit can be combined with a turning or tipping unit making it possible to rotate and empty the drum in a safe way.

A wide standard programme of clamping units is available at Hovmand. Almost any kind of cardboard drums (up to 200 kg) can be lifted and emptied using our equipment.

Should our standard components not be able to solve your problem, we will make adjustments so even very unique drums can be clamped, turned and tipped.