Industrial Lifting Platforms

Example Lifts with Specification Data

Hand pallet trucks 2

3,000Kg Pallet Truck

Our 3000kg Hand Pump Truck compliments the other trucks in our range giving you more choice. Supplied in a standard capacity of 2 standard sizes it will give solid service throughout its life. The heavy duty pump has a heavy duty ball race to aid manoeuvrability under load. Servicing of the truck is helped by easily accessible grease nipples.
• Capacity 3000Kg
• 2 sizes
• Heavy Duty Steering
• Grease nipples in key points
• Comfigrip handle
• Tandem Rollers
• Overload / Pressure Relief
• Ex Stock
• Nylon or Polyurethane wheels
• Sealed Bearings

Fork Dimensions Model Number
520mm x 1150mm NYLON QT3052TNN
520mm x 1150mm POLY QT3052TPP
685mm x 1220mm NYLON QT3068TNN
685mm x 1220mm POLY QT3068TPP

2,500Kg Heavy Duty Pallet Truck

This Heavy Duty Hand Operated Pump Truck features 4mm plate steel construction, totally sealed hydraulic pump unit, tandem load rollers and pallet entry and exit rollers. It is a truly HEAVY DUTY Truck for those arduous and abrasive conditions.
• Capacity 2500Kg
• Seven Sizes
• Ergonomic Handle
• 230° Steering range
• Three position Trigger
• Fully serviceable parts
• German style Fully Sealed Pump unit
• Solid "C" section forks
• Alu-rubber Steer wheels or Nylon steer wheels
• Nylon Tandem load rollers
• Exit Rollers / Entry Rollers
• Pressure relief valve / Overload valve
• Ex Stock

Fork Dimensions Model Number
450mm x 800mm CBG25V580
520mm x 1000mm
520mm x 1150mm
520mm x 1220mm
685mm x 1000mm
685mm x 1150mm
685mm x 1220mm

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