Stainless steel pallet truck

Stainless steel pallet truck

This Stainless Steel Truck is a full stainless steel Pump Truck suitable for use in a host of specialist applications such as corrosive atmospheres, pharmaceuticals, food hygiene areas, saline and many other aggressive environments.
• 316 Stainless
• Full Stainless Steel Mainframe
• Full Stainless Steel Hydraulic Pump and Handle
• Full Stainless Steel Push Rods, Axles, Pins & Bolts
• Fully Sealed Hydraulic Pump (i.e. no atmospheric contaminates in hydraulics)
• Tandem Nylon Load Rollers and Steer Wheels
• Capacity 2000Kg


Fork DimensionsModel Number
1150mm x 540mm ACS20HS115TNN
1200mm x 685mm ACS20HL122TNN

Many more lengths available.

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