Industrial Lifting Platforms

Counter Balance Trucks

Our Irisman e- Series IC forklift trucks break the traditional conception in design, creating a more durable, more accurate, more comfortable and more powerful product for a wide range of applications.

The new design of the Irisman e-series forklift truck not only increases the safety and durability of lifting, but also makes adjustments and maintenance of mast and fork carriage systems easier. Also, the clear design mast and fork carriage presents greater forward visibility, improving safety and operator fatigue.

The hydrostatic steering unit built into the Irisman e- series forklift truck keeps perfect steering efficiency, effortless operation, reduces power loss thus increasing the efficiency of lifting, tilting and other hydraulic operation

• Combination tail light system
• Hydrostatic load sensing steering system
• Combination roller set system
• Safety down valve and flow control valve
• Combination headlight system
• Efficiency, Accuracy and comfort operator's compartment
• Centralized instrument steering column kit
• Plug-in fuse system

• Mast and fork carriage system
• Vertical exhaust system
• New dual servo brake system
• Air intake system
• Cyclone air cleaner
• Water sedimenter system (For diesel trucks)
• Radiator reserve tank system

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